Who I am

A true believer that we can all live our life in flow, which is where effortless success comes from.

As a kid, I have always been playful and funny, seeing the best in each person. Sometimes my friends were telling me “you are so naive, that you don’t see the bad side in people”. I guess I was just refusing to focus on anything else but the "good" side. I preferred to see the best in each person. Somehow, I had this innate belief that we are all divine beings with beautiful souls.

My core nature is uplifting others.

My mission: Help others to be the better version of themselves, discover and live their full potential.



Where I am coming from

Having grown as a happy kid and in a middle class family with limited resources, I was not afraid to dream of an extraordinary life. I grew up reading all the books I could possibly find on the topics of health and spirituality, always seeking the answer to the big questions “Why are we here? Why am I here?”.

After high school, I took the path of success, according to the conventional norm: joined the best University in the country, then got a Master’s Degree in Marketing at a top university abroad, found a challenging job with growth opportunities,  climbed the corporate ladder over the past 20 years.

Up until today, I am still enjoying all the gifts life has given me so far: having a wonderful family, my lovely husband and two extraordinary daughters, successfully leading a big team in an international company and yet, recently, I resumed more actively my everlasting quest, to find the answers to the big questions in life: “Why am I here?”


Where I am heading

The more I asked, the more it became came clear that I wanted to achieve something else in life and that it is to follow my passion and purpose, to help and inspire others to be the best version of themselves. I just did not know HOW.

Until one day, the answer came: I came across SFM who offered coaching and helped people with a step by step process to tap into their true potential and start an online business. An online business which could offer the flexibility they need, a business in full integrity with their core values and inner being.

What could be better than turning your passion and interests into an income? What could be better than inspiring others with products and services that help them live the life they desire?

And the best thing of all- it did not matter whether you had the technical skills or not, all you need to start on this journey if a strong desire and a belief that you can succeed.

Do you feel the urge to take the first step and find out how we can support in unlocking your potential and creating the lifestyle of your dreams?