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Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, and difficulty. ~ T. Roosevelt

Work at home, be your own boss. Freelancing is all about freedom, right?


The reality of freelancing is far behind what you think about. Freelancing is about “working harder” than what you do on your 9-5 job. Your boss will be multiplied to a lot more bosses and they are your “clients”. You are responsible closing your own sales, do the marketing, delegating(if you have a team), writing great proposals, invoicing, bookkeeping and more.

It’s going to be hard at first but I can assure you one thing, it’s going to be all “worth it” eventually.

So here are a few ways guaranteed to skyrocket your freelancing career.

1. Build your personal brand

There is no certainty in this world. No matter how stable these giant job marketplaces are, how can you be so sure they are there for you for a long-term?

Build your own website to start reaching out to global clients. Position yourself as an expert in your field. Create a great portfolio that will surely catch potential clients. You can do this by registering your domain name and hosting and if you’re not web savvy, just use DIY website builders that are available on your hosting account. (send me a message if you need help with this!)

2. Expand your network

Your network is your net worth. In today’s digital age, your network can help you build visibility and open up doors for new opportunities. Get yourself on Linkedin and fill your profile with every detail of your job experiences. Do the same thing on Behance if you’re a creative.

Social media is not the devil, it is the way you use it. Start by using a professional looking profile picture and cover photo on facebook, some clients are just keen to investigate personal backgrounds before hiring freelancers.

Participate in online communities like facebook groups especially the ones relevant to your field. Help other people by answering questions that you know, this is the easiest way to get people involved and will eventually invest in what you do.

3. Write your plans

Have a vision, make a plan and write it! If you don’t know where to go and if you are not sure of what you want, it’s almost impossible to get there. It’s like traveling to an unfamiliar place without a map. Decide what niche you are going to master and stick to it.

This will help you focus on what you are going to learn and skills to improve to help you become an expert in your field. Be sure you are moving forward in the direction that you choose by doing small things every day.

4. Never stop learning

This is probably the most important to me. Like I said earlier, there is no certainty, your job today might get replaced by an App or by a machine in the next 3 years. Constantly improve your skills and expand your knowledge, there are a lot of learning resources available to you.

I personally use Skillshare to keep my skills updated as a graphic designer. I also invest my time and money to attend in-person workshops to upgrade my skills. Make self-education a priority, it’s the best investment that no one can take away from you.

Follow these 4 ways and you’ll be well on the way to embarking on an exciting freelance career and above all, experience personal freedom! Subscribe to our email updates below to get more tips and inspirations!

What’s your take on freelancing success? If you are already a successful freelancer, do you have any lessons from the field that you can share to support what’s mentioned above?

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To your freedom!

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